Fresh Markets Australia Welcomes Horticulture Code Review Report

Fresh Markets Australia has welcomed the release of the report of the Independent Review of the Horticulture Code of Conduct.

The report, released on Monday 8 February, includes 13 recommendations to the Federal Government for changes to the Code and its application.

FMA Executive Director Andrew Young said the industry body welcomed the release of the report and was generally satisfied with the majority of its recommendations.

“FMA would like to acknowledge the work of the review authors, Mark Napper and Alan Wein, who spent time travelling around Australia to speak with growers, wholesalers and others and who reviewed a large number of submissions,” Mr Young said.

“While we need time to undertake a thorough review, of the 13 recommendations from the review panel, FMA believes it will be able to support the majority.

“There are a couple of recommendations that we are unlikely to support in their current form, but we acknowledge and welcome the review panel’s recommendation to the Federal Government for further consultation with industry as the proposed Code changes are developed.”

Mr Young said FMA would be an active and informed participant in further discussion and urged the Federal Government to maintain momentum on the Code review by immediately commencing the next phase of consultation.

“We endorse, absolutely, the review panel’s comment that ‘…the Horticulture Code is not intended to substitute good business behaviours, conduct and practices, but rather to support these disciplines through simple, but effective regulation’,” Mr Young said.
“Let’s get on with it.”

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“The task of promoting compliance has been made very difficult because of the unworkable requirements of the Code,”

Andrew Young, Executive Director

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Andrew Young, Executive Director

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